Meticulous selection processes for sustainable returns

BlueRock Group has many years of experience in the real estate industry with various investment strategies in different asset classes and segments and combines a team of qualified international experts with comprehensive market knowledge and an organically grown network. The track record of more than ten years confirms the investment strategy, the core of which is a rigorous and thoughtful selection processes to evaluate the potential of new investments. Each property undergoes a thorough due diligence process and, where necessary, we supplement our analyses with technical and legal external advisors.
To align our interests with those of our investors, BlueRock Group traditionally invests alongside investors in every transaction.

Value Creation from a Single Source

We are responsible for the entire investment process for our clients and investors, from the acquisition of suitable real estate properties, the evaluation and analysis of market movements and value enhancement options, as well as the structuring and active asset management through to the sale of a property. We know the individual properties and the local conditions well and maintain an active relationship with our tenants. We are supported by long-standing external partners from legal, tax and technical consulting as well as property and facility management. Our external partners are locally anchored, know the market environment of the region and have a long-standing joint track record with BlueRock Group.



Since its founding in 2010, the BlueRock Group has grown steadily and continues to push ahead with its expansion plans. Nevertheless, we are sticking to our corporate philosophy from the founding year.  Thanks to our global network of partners and advisors, we are able to secure attractive investment opportunities for our investors across Europe. At the same time, the management of the entire value chain is our responsibility and we attach great importance to close cooperation and direct exchange with our clients and investors. As the first point of contact for all investment-related questions, we are available in a transparent and uncomplicated manner. This boutique feel is what sets the BlueRock Group apart and is essential to knowing our clients' needs.



We appreciate the trust that our investors and partners place in us. It is therefore needless to say that we manage every investment with the utmost care, regardless of the amount. Transparent and direct communication is particularly important to us. Our investors have an overview of the development of their values at all times. We submit a comprehensive report every quarter and include an investment overview, a property management report, a property valuation and an updated budget. Our account managers are also available at all times to discuss all aspects of the investment with our investors.

Our Story

BlueRock Group was founded in 2010 by Ronny Pifko and his co-founder in Zurich. In the initial years, the company's focus lay on commercial real estate in Switzerland, but as early as 2013, the first office buildings were acquired in Germany. By 2016, this had developed into an extensive and diversified portfolio that forms the foundation for today's activities.
The Berlin residential market has been a focus since 2015. The first residential fund was launched in 2016 and by the end of 2020, two-thirds of the fund's properties had been sold at above-average values. From 2017, BlueRock Group shifted the investment focus completely to Germany and expanded the investment strategy. Thanks to its expertise in the German metropolis, BlueRock Group has since been able to accompany and advise several institutional investors on their entry into the Berlin residential market.
By 2021, BlueRock Group's total portfolio had grown to over 1.5 billion euros, consisting of 243assets and 39 different funds and investment vehicles managed by the group.

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