Commitment out of Conviction

As a company, we want to assume ecological, social and societal responsibility and have therefore firmly integrated our aspirations into our everyday work. Every investment should play a part in improving people's living and working conditions. We want to create modern housing and preserve affordable housing as well as promote sustainable office space. We are constantly working to significantly reduce the CO₂ footprint of our company and the properties in our portfolio and to expand our range of sustainable investment products. Together with our investors and partners, we want to contribute to reducing climate change and social inequality.



The BlueRock Group is striving for DGNB certification for the implementation of various measures in the areas of environment, social and governance. To obtain this certification, a comprehensive assessment procedure must be completed that evaluates the planned and already implemented measures at both company and portfolio level using scientific benchmarks.


Building Today for Tomorrow

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time and the real estate industry's share of global CO2 emissions from the construction and operation of buildings is considerable. It is therefore our goal, through the active building management of our portfolio, to reduce the consumption of resources in the individual properties by saving energy, electricity and water, while at the same time steadily increasing the recycling rate. We also try to make our everyday office life as sustainable as possible and promote the conscious use of resources.

Committed for Each Other

It is a matter of course for BlueRock Group to make a contribution to reducing social inequality, even as a company. We are commited to contribute an anchored amount of time and capital to various philanthropic causes. We are involved not only financially but also practically in the support of various charitable foundations and give the administrative organisation in these a fixed period of time in our everyday working life. Amongst others a charitable organisation for children suffering from lung disease, is actively maintained and assisted by BlueRock. Every year, many children suffering from cystic fibrosis take part in a summer camp in the Swiss mountains, which is organised and financially supported by BlueRock. In this way, the suffering of these chronically ill children can be reduced a little and a smile put on their faces.

More recently, we have had the opportunity to house Ukrainian refugees in some of our apartments in central Berlin, thus contributing our small part to improve the difficult situation the victims of this war have been put into. 

At Eye Level

It is of particular importance to us to be a trustworthy contact point for our employees, investors, partners and also tenants in all matters and we always want to treat our stakeholders respectfully, fairly and as equals. We are aware of our responsibility as a company and have established internal guidelines in order to continuously develop in all areas with a view to the future. In cooperation with our colleagues, partners and service providers, we attach great importance to a family-friendly, diverse and open cooperation free of discrimination in any area and are committed to fair and appropriate remuneration.

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